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A cut ABOVE the REST

Prime Drilling & Sawing Services

a Division of Jack Moore Associates, Inc.

  1. Welcome to Prime DSS - Rather than talk about how long we've been in business [P.S - it's a long time] let's focus on where we are today and what we're all about. We don't hire concrete cutters; we hire the best humans and train them to become concrete technitians capable of figuring out every problem that can and will arrise on your jobsite.
  2. You won't be unimpressed - most of our equipment is repaired in house. Our mechanics know these tools inside and out so our equipment repair cost is as low as it gets which in turn allows us to share savings with our customers.
  3. Why us? - our labor tree is evenly balanced from veteran technicians all the way down to new cutters, this allows us to prevent a stagnant thought process suceptible of becoming outdated. Our style leads the industry ahead of schedule and under budget.