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Core Drilling

Used for precise circular diameter cuts up to 54" in diameter. 

Percect for:
Plumbing, electrical, & HVAC installations. This includes floor drains, sewer tie-ins, duct openings, electrical cable lines, phone lines, anchor bolts,  concrete test samples, chosen over sleeving thru concrete.


Wall Sawing - a.k.a. "railsawing"

Track -mounted system used for vertical & horizontal cutting.

Perfect for:
Window & Door openings OR correcting concrete placement mistakes. 


Flat Sawing - a.k.a. "slabsawing"

Used inside and outside, they can cut up to 24" thick.

They cut horizontal surfaces typically for plumbing trenches, expansion joints, removing cracked areas of concrete, and other selective demolition purposes.


Robotic Demolition

Electric powered heavy equipment the following attachments:

Buckets, hoe rams, concrete crusher, grapple.


GPR Scanning

Scanning the concrete is vital for unwanted conduit repairs down the road when concrete cutting takes place.

It even has uses for locating rebar so it can be missed for structural integrity.



After all the holes have been cored or cut, firestopping is the only way to protect your investment from even more damage if a fire were to ever break out.


Electric Site work / Excavation

The most efficient way to remove a lot of material when you can not access the area with normal machines. using 480 volt electric engines we can complete any project inside without the need for air filtration


Wire Sawing

when core drilling and flat sawing can't do it, wire sawing steps up to save the day.